Recommended Resources

We are so thankful to God for modern technology because it has meant God’s Word has been able to go far and wide, but we also recognise this platform has been used to promote false and misleading teaching.

We have put this list together as a guide to help you continue learning about God’s grace to us in Jesus, from teachers who we can affirm are men and women of integrity, who live to lift up the name of Jesus and not themselves. While we may not necessarily agree with every idea that is taught on these websites, we do believe that they provide a lot of helpful insight on God’s word.

Note however, these resources are not to be regarded as scripture. When listening to sermons or reading articles that are not from the bible, we must use caution and be careful to engage with the material as secondary resources.

All the resources on this page should be used as tools to help us understand God’s Word better, but God’s Word must continue to be the rule we use to critique them.

9 Marks – 9marks.org
Desiring God – desiringGod.org
The Gospel Coalition – thegospelcoalition.org
The Bible Project – bibleproject.com

(mainly through their video content on YouTube)

Reformers Bookshop – reformers.com.au

(bookstore in Sydney with carefully selected resources for all ages)

Banner of Truth Trustbanneroftruth.org
Matthias Mediamatthiasmedia.com.au