Explaining Christianity

Jesus gave his Great Commission to his Apostles, saying, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations …” (Matthew 28:18–19).

The Apostles then waited for his Spirit, then went out to make disciples by preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus and planting healthy churches.

Although much of the recorded ministry of the Apostles is a record of their public ministry, most of the church’s witness over the past 2000 years has been through ordinary Christians living ordinary lives, holding out the supernatural hope of eternal life in Jesus.

Although we encourage every member of the church to be active in sharing this good news, we recognise not every member of the church is particularly gifted in this way, and our Explaining Christianity course is one of the ways we help our church share the good news of Jesus with friends and family.

Explaining Christianity is a four week course that explains the gospel of God, asking:
Week 1 – Who is Jesus?
Week 2 – What did he come to do?
Week 3 – How do we receive him?
Week 4 – How should we respond and what implications will this have on my life?

Our pastors generally run this course, and all are welcome to attend.

This course is FREE of charge, we won’t ask guests to read aloud, pray aloud or answer any questions on the bible. After each session we take time out to answer questions, and all questions are allowed. We look forward to meeting you there, and only ask that you get in touch with us to let us know you’re interested.

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