From the very beginning God has been pleased to give his people an opportunity to serve him by providing for each other’s needs, and it’s no different in the life of the church today. As a church we have no other source of income apart from the generosity of our members and supporters, and we can’t thank God enough for the way he continues to be so generous toward our ministry.

We have two bank accounts that help us raise money for the church, for two overlapping yet different purposes. The one is our General Giving and the other is for our Building Fund.

General Giving

This is the account we use to run the church day to day, week to week, year to year. We pay our staff from this account, rent our facilities, provide resources for kids, youth and adults, provide care for our members, pay for things like insurance and other costs associated with being a recognised association in NSW, accounting fees, printing, software / hardware for ministry and we could go on and on and on. All our costs come out of our General Giving and we recommend members of the church first be generous here to support the ongoing work of the local church.

Acc Name: Church of the Risen King Jesus

Acc #: 10775510

BSB: 062-468

Building Fund

We have set up this Building Fund because we are working toward owning our own property to serve our church and wider community out of seven days per week. The Building Fund is there for people who want to contribute money directly to the purchase of this property. We do ask members to prioritise the General Giving because once money goes into the Building Fund it can only be used for this purpose. But if people are able to give above and beyond, the Building Fund is a great way to use that money to advance the purposes of God through the local church.

Acc Name: Church of the Risen King Jesus Building Fund

Acc #: 10803518

BSB: 062-468